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what we do

concert series

Every week, Julian’s provides an artist the opportunity to present a 45 -minute set of their music. After the concert, audience members are encouraged to socialize with the performers. Artists keep 100% of suggested donations from their concerts and receive a complimentary high-quality audio/video recording. If you miss a concert, don’t worry— we record every concert and post videos to our YouTube channel. Concert Series events are limited to 14 seats—an RSVP is mandatory to attend! 

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listening sessions

A listening session is a gathering for the purpose of appreciating recorded music. You’re invited to sit in a circle with us, close your eyes, and share how each song impacts you. Spoken participation is highly encouraged, but you’re welcome to embrace the experience in any way you’re comfortable. When it’s your turn, you can choose to share one of your favorite recordings, or pass the opportunity onto the next person. Visit our playlists page to listen to songs from past sessions. Listening Sessions are limited to 15 seats—an RSVP is mandatory to attend!

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