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our mission

The mission of Julian’s NYC is to engage, invigorate, and expand the creative music community in New York through performance, recording, and community involvement. We propel emerging artists forward by providing an intimate venue for presenting original music and resources to accelerate their careers.


our history

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, emerging artists in New York City have been left with a shortage of venues where they are able to present original music. Julian’s NYC was founded in 2022 to address this issue by New School graduates Mercer Shavelson, Adam Cordero, Julian Roel, Edwin Corne, and Odin Scherer. Together, they pooled resources to set up an intimate room in Sunnyside, Queens (NYC) where artists are able to perform their compositions, develop name recognition, and engage with others who enjoy modern music. 


inclusion, equity & accessibility

Julian’s NYC is committed to making our concerts and listening sessions a safe space for artists and audience members of all backgrounds. Due to the often multicultural nature of the music presented at Julian’s, it is especially important that we all work to ensure the full appreciation and safety of artists and audience members.

Julian’s NYC was founded on the principle of equity: this space was created to provide a broad spectrum of emerging artists with the tools they need to succeed in the creative music scene. We remain devoted to upholding the principle of equity through the operation of Julian’s NYC.

We strive to make the events at Julian’s accessible to as many people as possible. However, due to the limitations of our space, those who cannot walk up/down a steep set of stairs or over a large concrete step will not be able to attend events at the present time. As the mission of Julian’s NYC continues to evolve, we aspire to offer spaces that will be fully accessible.

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